Sell your house for cash

Sell on Terms

Do you currently own property?  How would you like to get a steady paycheck for the next 10, 20 or 30 years GUARANTEED with interest?

Then talk to us about our numerous plans on terms!

You may face a large tax burden if you sell your property for cash, due to the Capital Gains tax.  If you are willing to sell your property on terms, you can defer that burden, and you can make more money than if you sell it for cash.

Example:  Sale price $50,000.00 Cash.  After Capital Gains taxes (depending on tax status), transfer fees, & miscellaneous charges at settlement, you might only walk away with $38,000.00!

Example:  Sell that same property on terms with 5% down ($2,500.00 cash), and take back a 120 month mortgage for the balance of $47,500.00 at 6% interest.

-$ 2,500.00   5% down payment
 $47,500.00  financed at 6% for 120 months (10 years).
 $    527.34  per month income for 120 months
 $ 2,500.00 5% down payment
 $63,280.80  total of the payments at 6% for 120 months
 $65,780.80  a total gain of $15,780.80 over the original sale price of $50,000.





With the cash option, after all taxes and expenses you have received around $38,000.00, and it is a once and done payment.  (Most people tend to spend lump sums of money within the first year after receiving it.)

With the finance option, after all taxes and expenses you will have received around $58,000 total.  You get the $2,500.00 (5%) down payment to spend immediately, and there is a steady paycheck of $527.34 each month for the next 120 months.  This could be relied upon for a car payment, private school tuition, etc.

Please contact us to discuss selling your property on terms.  We may be able to make you more than one offer with different terms which we can explain to you.