Earn fast cash


We pay $500 finders fees all the time!  Next time it could be to you!  If you know someone with a property they wish to sell fast, send us their property address and contact information so we can make them an offer.  If we end up buying the property, we’ll pay you a $500 cash finders fee.  It’s the easiest $500 you’ll ever make!

You can even make a real regular income this way if you choose.  For every lead you send our way that we end up buying, we will pay you $500 cash.  GUARANTEED!

What kind of properties are we looking for?  Any property where there is a need or desire to sell, which is not currently listed with a Realtor. (We already know about those!)  Just email us or call with the contact details for the owner of the property along with a description of the property and general condition! Please make sure you also give your contact info so we know who to give $500 CASH to if we buy the property.

We can buy as many properties as you send our way as long as they meet our criteria!  It is simple!  You just get us in contact with the owners!  Yes it is that simple!

Just contact us with the property information, that is it!  We will do the rest!  You do the math!  You can make quite a lot of additional income!  But it is only on properties we buy!

Earn an easy $500 cash!

At $500 CASH for each property you find for us and we buy, you can make this your job!  And remember, for each and every property you send our way that we buy, you’re going to get paid $500 GUARANTEED!

You can use the form below to send us the information:

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