Real Estate in Reading, PA

Why Invest in Reading, PA?

About Reading, Pennsylvania: Information for Real Estate Investors

Are you an investor looking for property to purchase in the Greater Reading, PA area? Let us show you why we think Reading, PA is a great place to invest!

Reading, PA has a housing market which is under-valued, yet rents are still comparatively high.   For example, a 3 bedroom row home that might sell for $120k in South Philadelphia and rent for $750/month, can be bought for just $50k in Reading and still rent for $700/month!  Now that’s cashflow!

In Reading, you can buy a single family home in move-in condition for as low as $40K, or significantly less for a “fixer-upper.”

Reading, PA is showing many of the positive signs that precede a jump in property values, such as major development projects recently completed and those about to begin.  (See the news items at right.)  The opportunity is ripe to invest before prices soar.

Would you like an investment property with positive cash flow?  You probably will want to purchase at below-market-value so that you can rehab and then refinance and get your money back out of the property.   Where do you purchase under-valued properties?  On the Wholesale Market.

What is the Wholesale Market?  In Real Estate, the Wholesale Market refers to properties owned by investors, savvy buyers who know how to find bargain priced properties.  These savvy investors then offer the properties for sale to other investors for a small mark-up.  It’s easy to see how this is a win-win arrangement for real estate investors.

Many websites out there want to charge you a fee for access to their lists of wholesale properties.  Why should you pay a fee for the opportunity to buy something?  And then get pestered with a bunch of junk mail on top of it?  At, we will add you to our buyer’s list FOR FREE and we will only contact you when and if we have properties available that meet the criteria you have given us!  Why are we willing to offer access to these leads for FREE?  The answer is simple, because we like to move properties.  By maintaining a large buyers list, we can keep hunting properties and making offers.

If you would like access to the Reading Wholesale Property Market, just fill out the form below, tell us about your preferences, how much you’re looking to invest, etc., and we will send you only leads that meet your criteria.

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